MEETING VIDEOS  (use scroll bar to see earlier videos)
 June 1st, 2015:
Sharia Law with Dr. Jeffrey Baumann 
 February 2nd, 2015:
Impending Threat to our Sovereignty
Mark Griffin - John Birch Society  website
 January 5th, 2015:
Obamacare: Dave Racer & Dr. Kurisko
Dave Racer CEO Coalition for Healthcare Redesign  website
Dr Stanley Kurisko, MD  Radiologist  website
Dave Racer & DrKurisko Q&A
 August 4th, 2014:
Thrive Planning vs the American Dream
Randal O'Toole of the Cato Institute  website
 June 9th, 2014:
 June 2nd, 2014:
Minnesota DNR Gone Wild with Nora Felton from SE MN Irrigators Association and Warren Formo with Minnesota Agriculture Water Resource Center website
 May 19th, 2014:
Meet The Candidates For US Senate
Jim Abeler   website
Julianne Ortman   website
Meet The Candidates For MN Governor
Dave Thompson   website
Jeff Johnson   website
Marty Seifert   website
 March 17th, 2014:
The Disastrous Bullying Bill - Michele Lentz from the Child Protection League website
 December 2nd, 2013:
Obamacare Twila Brase,
Citizen's Council for Health Freedom  website
 November 18th, 2013:
 November 4th, 2013:
 September 23rd, 2013:
Stop The Bullying Bill! with Walter Hudson,
blogger and contributor for PJ Media
 October 21st, 2013:
Lawsuit Challenging Same-Day Registration with Andy Cilek, President
MN Voters Alliance website
 September 9th, 2013:
 August 5th, 2013:
Economic Literacy Seminar, Part 1
Loren Spivack, author and political satirist
 July 29th, 2013:
Patriot Voices - Our Sacred Honor   website
with Maria Poirier, Minnesota State Chair
 July 15th, 2013:
"On the Road to Tyranny"
ND Representative Kim Koppelman
 July 1st, 2013:
 June 24th, 2013:
Education or Indoctrination?
Discussing Common Core and C-Scope
with Marjorie Holsten, Constitutional Law Attorney
 June 17th, 2013:
Your Energy Costs Will Necessarily Skyrocket
Part 2: Energy For Transportation
with Bill Glahn, former Director MN Office Of Energy
 June 10th, 2013:
 June 3rd, 2013:
 May 20th, 2013:
Agenda 21 Forum: Hunger Games for real?
Part 1 - Allen Quist     Part 2 - Rollie Neve
 May 13th, 2013:
Corruption in the Courts
with presenters Bonnie Roy, Lea Banken Dannewitz, Linda Senst, Val Krueger and Dede Evavold    website
 May 6th, 2013:
Pro-Legal Immigration Forum:
Part1: Personal Immigration Experiences
Part2: Comments On Immigration Policy
Moderated by Walter Hudson
*one panelist requested his comments be removed.
 April 29th, 2013:
Andrew Rothman,
Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance:
Second Amendment Gunned Down?  website
 April 15th, 2013:
Free Market Warrior
By Loren Spivack    Facebook
(Audio improves after first minute)
 April 1st, 2013:
Sue's April Fools By Sue Jeffers from
Twin Cities News Talk Radio    Website
 March 18th, 2013:
Minnesota Election Fraud   website
By Andy Celik of Minnesota Voters Allicance
 March 11th, 2013:
Destroying the Heads of Hydra: A Plan of Attack to Restore our Country and Economy  By Peter Vessenes, American Citizens for Economic Freedom  website
 February 18th, 2013:
 February 11th, 2013:
Tom Newman: God and Government
 February 4th, 2013:
Twila Brase, President of Citizen's Council for Health Freedom:  website
ObamaCare and the Minnesota Exchange
 January 28th, 2013:
Andrew Rothman,
Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance:
Gun Rights v. Gun Control  website
 January 21st, 2013:
Marjorie Holsten, Constitutional Atty
Bill of Rights R.I.P.
 December 3rd, 2012:
 November 12th, 2012:
How Ayn Rand's Ideas Can End Big Government  by Yaron Brook, President, Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights website
 October 15st, 2012:
The Founders Bible by John Peterson and Lance Wubbels, setting the Record Straight on the Origin of the Dream of Freedom
 October 8st, 2012:
The Power of 500 with Mark Griffin
from the John Birch Society website
 October 1st, 2012:
 September 17th, 2012:
 September 10th, 2012:
What Is At Stake
with Tom Emmer website
 July 23th, 2012:
VOTER ID Constitutional Amendment
with John Rouleau
from ProtectMyVote.com  website
 July 11th, 2012:
Agenda - Grinding America Down
Curtis Bowers, Producer  website
 June 18th, 2012:
Communicating Liberty Across the Generation Gap   with Devin Foley,
President of Intellectual Take Out  website
 June 11th, 2012:
Does Marriage Matter?  
with MN Representative Glenn Gruenhagen &
former Homosexual Activist Kevin Peterson
 June 4th, 2012:
 May 14th, 2012:
 May 7th, 2012:
 April 23rd, 2012:
 April 16, 2012:
 April 9, 2012:
 April 2, 2012:
 March 5th, 2012:
 February 20, 2012:
Sunny Lohmann, Objectivist, Political Satirist: Using Humor to Fight Evil   website
 February 6th, 2012:
2012 MN Legislative Session Overview
John Augustine (President):   website
   The Legislative Evaluation Assembly of MN
 January 23th, 2012:
 January 16th, 2012:
Minnesota Legislative Priorities with panel of Minnesota Representatives and Senators
 January 9th, 2012:
 November 19th, 2011:
 November 14th, 2011:
Mark Skogerboe - Make A Difference
 October 31th, 2011
 October 13th, 2011: North Metro Tea Party
Allen Quist - Agenda 21
Ayn Rand & the Tea Party: A Recipe for Cultural Change Website
 September 26th, 2011:
Dr. Yaron Brook
Ayn Rand & the Tea Party: A Recipe for Cultural Change Website
 September 21th, 2011: Fair Tax Meeting
Dan Pilla - FairTax.org Abolish the Income Tax. Create an Economic Boom. Website
 September 19th, 2011:
Walter Hudson
Precinct Caucus Process & Strategy
 August 15th, 2011
Patrick Quick with Twin City Gold & Silver Exchange Website
 June 13th, 2011:
Professor John Daley
Econ 101 Update - More debt is not the answer!
Don Parmeter American Environmental Institute
"Reinventing Environmentalism"
Bill Reichert , Minnesota Voters Alliance
Conservative Coalition Response to Dayton's impending State Shutdown Website
 June 6th, 2011:
Jeff Hogan  'What is Liberty?'
Discussion Facilitated by Jeff Hogan
 May 23rd, 2011:
Mark Skogerboe, author of "The Threefold Plan to Save America"
 May 16th, 2011:
Dr. Lee Kurisko,
author of "Health Reform, End of the American Revolution"  Website
 May 9th, 2011:
Bill Glahn,
former Dir. MN Office of Energy Website
 April 26th, 2011:
US Congressman John Kline
Chanhassen Town Hall Meeting Website
 April 4th, 2011:
Andy Cilek  21st Century Voter ID Bill
Minnesota Voters Alliance  Website
 March 14th, 2011:
Allen Quist  The Threat of IB and the UN in Our Schools Website
 February 7th, 2011:
Walter Hudson  States Rights Website
 January 24th, 2011:
John Daley  Economics 101
 October 11th, 2010:
Three Weeks Before Election Day
Kirk Stensrud for Minnesota State Rep. Website
Ernie Leidiger for Minnesota State Rep 34A Website
Senator Julianne Ortman MN Senate SD 34 Website
Kim Crockett Deephaven City Counsil Website
 October 4th, 2010:
The Tenth Amendment And Discussion Of County Attorney & Sheriff Candidates
Leon Moe from Tenth Amendment Center Website
Derek Lee for Carver County Sheriff Website
Jay Swenson for Carver Cnty Commissioner Website
Neil Kennedy for Carver Cnty Commissioner Website
 September 27th, 2010:
Election Integrity Forum
"The Clean Election Team"

Chris Barden - for Attorney General Website
Dan Severson - for Secretary of State Website
Question and Answer Session
Bill Reichert and Dan McGrath
From Minnesota Voters Alliance Website and
Minnesota Majority Website will bring us up-to-date on what we can and must do to ensure election integrity throughout the state of Minnesota

Janet Beihoffer will explain the urgent need for Poll Challengers Website
Jim Nash for Mayor of Waconia, MN Website
 September 20th, 2010:
Mark Skogerboe - The Threefold Plan to Save America speaks on How We Get Candidates That Stand on the Constitution Elected
Teresa Collett, professor of constitutional law and District 4 Congressional Candidate speaks on the unconstitutionality of Obamacare  Website
  August 30th, 2010:
We Love Our Country by Mary Amlaw   Website
 August 23rd, 2010:
 August 16th, 2010:
 August 9th, 2010:
Chris Barden, candidate for MN Attorney General (Note: first 10 minutes of talk was lost)   (Website)
 August 5th, 2010:
 August 2nd, 2010: